1年 文科 理科 2年 文科 理科 水 2 1年 文科 理科 水 5 ル(PEAK)(Introduction S 2年 文科 理科 1年 文科 理科 2年 文科 理科 金 4 ル(PEAK)(Introduction S 1年 文科 理科 2年 文科 理科 水 1 ル(PEAK)(Introduction S PEAK科目 時間割コード 時間割コード 時間割コード 時間割コード 30675 S 講義題目 授業の目標概要 30817 講義題目 授業の目標概要 31225 講義題目 授業の目標概要 30597 講義題目 授業の目標概要 開講 授業科目名 全学自由研究ゼミナール開講 授業科目名 全学自由研究ゼミナー開講 授業科目名 全学自由研究ゼミナー開講 授業科目名 全学自由研究ゼミナー(PEAK)(Decision Analysis Practice) to Classical Mechanics) to regionalism: how do states cope with neighbors?) to Sociolinguistics) Decision Analysis practice This course serves as a practice session of the Decision Sciences course that has been offered in the autumn semester. It is designed to provide students who have taken that course with an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the theory and practice in Decision Analysis. Each student in this course will work on a group or individual project. The goal of the project is to identify, formulate, and solve a real world decision problem. First four weeks are review sessions. On the fifth week, students will start their project work, aiming at final presentations on the last two weeks. Introduction to Classical Mechanics This calculus-based Classical Mechanics course provides the foundation for further study of physics and engineering. Introduction to regionalism: how do states cope with neighbors? Regions have been increasingly important to analyze international cooperation, partly because each region has distinctive features affecting nature of cooperation. This course aims to understand how states cope with their neighbors. Beginning with introduction of theoretical perspectives on regionalism, this course invites a wide range of issues on regionalism; from security to economic, and other issue areas. It also gives opportunities to share phenomenon of regionalism in various regions; Europe, Americas, Africa, Middle East, Asia. Introduction to Sociolinguistics: Languages in Japan Sociolinguistics attempts to explain how languages form social groups, and how social groups use, or refuse to use, languages. Sociolinguistics also deals with issues of power and identity, both of which also form, and are formed by, languages in society. It this course, students will read and discuss studies of sociolinguistic themes situated in Japan or involving speakers of Japanese. Some of the topics to be covered are returnees, sojourners in Japan, studying abroad, and the meaning of English in Japanese society. A typical class includes a short lecture and discussions facilitated by students. Each student is required to facilitate discussion of at least one assigned reading over the course of the semester. ドロネー ジャン ジャック 担当教員 前田 章 担当教員 担当教員 鈴木 早苗 担当教員 片山 晶子 PEAK前期 PEAK前期 PEAK前期 PEAK前期 所属 曜限 所属 曜限 所属 曜限 所属 曜限 対象 対象 対象 対象

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