1年 文科 理科 2年 文科 理科 火 4 1年 文科 理科 2年 文科 理科 金 2 S 1年 文科 理科 2年 文科 理科 月 5 S 1年 文科 理科 2年 文科 理科 月 4 S PEAK科目 時間割コード 時間割コード 時間割コード 時間割コード 30838 S 講義題目 授業の目標概要 31107 講義題目 授業の目標概要 30263 講義題目 授業の目標概要 30229 講義題目 授業の目標概要 開講 授業科目名 社会・制度Ⅲ(PEAK) 開講 授業科目名 心理(PEAK) 開講 授業科目名 身体運動科学(PEAK) 開講 授業科目名 生態学の基礎(PEAK) Introduction to Economic Policy This course is designed to supplement a standard introductory course of economics and will discuss some of the fundamental concepts of economics, with a focus on examination of economic policies. Drawing on the basics of microeconomics with references to some more contemporary frameworks (asymmetric information, game theory, behavioral economics, etc.), the course will provide conceptual foundations for evaluating various types of economic policy, including trade policy, antitrust policy, policy on public good provisions (environmental regulation, knowledge, etc.), and macroeconomic policies. While the knowledge of advanced mathematics is not required for course participation, the students should note that the lectures will include discussions of some mathematical economic models. Meanwhile, although the course mainly targets students who have already studied introductory economics, it sets no prerequisites for registration and is open to all students. Introduction to Psychology This is an introductory course that will provide an overview of psychology. The course introduces basic concepts of psychology, including biological, developmental, and social explanations of human and animal behaviour, and how they apply to our everyday settings. Through discussions on various scientific approaches used in the field of psychology, the course provides opportunities for students to broaden their perspective, to pursue their interest, and to think critically. Exercise and health science: Application of physiological concepts for the promotion of fitness and wellness The course is designed to provide a theoretical basis for understanding the physiological responses to exercise and the adaptations that occur during exercise. The lecture/discussion areas include the wellness concept, nutrition and support system of the body (cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic, musculoskeletal and nervous) function. Upon successful completion of the course, students will understand the physiological adaptations that occur following exercise training, the benefits of exercise and the health risks associated with inactivity. Fundamentals of Ecology (Basic Ecology) To provide students with a foundational understanding of ecology and evolution 渡辺 安里依 竹下 大介、宮田 紘平、結城 笙子 リチャード シェファ担当教員 成田 大樹 担当教員 担当教員 担当教員 ーソン PEAK前期 PEAK前期 PEAK前期 PEAK前期 所属 曜限 所属 曜限 所属 曜限 所属 曜限 対象 対象 対象 対象

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