1年 文科 理科 2年 文科 理科 木 1 1年 文科 理科 2年 文科 理科 木 3 S 1年 文科 理科 木 4 S 2年 文科 理科 PEAK科目 PEAK科目 時間割コード 時間割コード 時間割コード 竹下 大介、宮田 紘平、結城 笙子 30525 S 講義題目 授業の目標概要 30951 講義題目 授業の目標概要 30993 講義題目 授業の目標概要 開講 授業科目名 エネルギー工学の基礎開講 授業科目名 ことばと文学(PEAK) 開講 授業科目名 スポーツ・身体運動実習I(PEAK) Fundamentals of energy harvesting, conversion and management for using renewable energy as major energy sources. This lecture aims at obtaining fundamental knowledge about the conversion of energy from primary energy sources (renewable energy sources and fossil fuel) to secondary energy media (electricity, hydrogen, etc.), and the utilization of such energy sources/media in our energy system. The first objective is to understand the physical/chemical principles governing such energy conversion and the fundamental limit of conversion efficiency. Next, we will discuss how we can facilitate the transition of the energy sources from the conventional ones based on fossil fuel to renewable sources. The largest bottleneck lies in the intermittency of major renewable power sources (solar and wind) and the difficulty in the transportation and storage of the energy harvested from such renewable sources. The strategy for the massive dissemination of renewable energy differs among countries. Also, the role of policy is of tremendous importance to compensate the gap in energy cost between the conventional fossil and the emerging renewable. There is currently no singular answer to this issue and the participants in this lecture are expected to develop intensive discussions on how we can realize carbon-neutral towards 2050. Japanese Literature after 1945(part 1: Aftermath of the Collapse of the Empire) After the collapse of the Japanese Empire in 1945, the empire’s former domains came under occupation by Allied Forces. Numbers of reformations took place to transform the region from empire to a nation state. However, legacies of Japanese imperialism still remained throughout “Japan’s long post-war.” In this course, we will read works of the postwar Japanese literature as windows to survey significant and controversial issues in Japan such as gender equality, nuclear disaster, economic disparity and minority problems. We will also examine texts in detail to consider how each text critically approaches social issues. Recreational activities for the promotion of fitness and wellness Provide an understanding of the fitness components and the importance of good strength, flexibility and endurance in physical health and wellness. Expose students to variety of activities that can be incorporated into a daily lifestyle. Apply the training principles for the management of the fitness components. (PEAK) 担当教員 杉山 正和 担当教員 逆井 聡人 担当教員 PEAK前期 PEAK前期 PEAK前期 所属 曜限 所属 曜限 所属 曜限 対象 対象 対象

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