1年 文一二(23)文三(15)理1年 文一二(23)文三(15)理1年 文一二(23)文三(15)理火 1 S 火 1 S 火 1 S 時間割コード 時間割コード 時間割コード 英語中級(クラス指定セメスター型)火1 総合科目 L 英語中・上級 30278 講義題目 授業の目標概要 30279 講義題目 授業の目標概要 30280 講義題目 授業の目標概要 開講 英語中級(クラス指定セメス開講 英語中級(クラス指定セメス開講 英語中級(クラス指定セメスAmerican Short Stories Believe it or not, there is such a thing as literature in America, and the purpose of this course is to familiarize students with this strange thing called American literature, which is usually considered a “minor” literature from the viewpoint of the history of civilization in the world. In the process to pursue this purpose, students will find themselves in a situation in which they cannot avoid reading more in English than they did in high schools. As a result, it is not totally unlikely that students might be able to develop their “reading skills” (whatever this phrase means). At least, it is very likely that students will become “used to” reading a considerable amount of texts written in English. As an English language course, there will be lectures on grammar and syntax that are used in the texts, but overall comprehension of the story and active interpretation on the side of the reader will receive more emphasis. This course will be taught in Japanese. Because this is not an “easy” course, those who see the English courses as nothing other than a means to earn credits should not take this course. If you are not confident enough about your command of English but willing to learn something new and different, there will be help for you. Colonial Encounters This reading and discussion based course will use different texts to develop students' skill in English comprehension and discussion. The course will draw on fiction and essays related to the colonial encounter between Britain and the Caribbean. It will focus on the work of the British writer Andrea Levy. Students will learn to engage with the language and ideas in the selected texts and to discuss their responses to the readings in class. The material for this class will be distributed in class or will be available online. 置かれた状況に適応し、対峙し、受容する人間について書かれた英文を読む 自然環境の中で集団生活を営む社会的存在として進化してきた人間の特性、自らが創り出した人工的環境とも言える飛躍的な技術革新のさなかにおかれている現況、病いや死、災厄などの超越的「運命」との対峙/受容、等、自らの置かれた状況の中での人間の振る舞いに関わる内容の英文をいくつか読むことを通して読解力の増強に努めるとともに関連事項についての理解を深めることを目的とする。 授業科目名 ター型) 授業科目名 ター型) 授業科目名 ター型) 担当教員 坪井 栄治郎 担当教員 吉国 浩哉 担当教員 アンダル ジャクリーン 所属 曜限 英語 所属 曜限 英語 所属 曜限 英語 対象 二三(11,23) 対象 二三(11,23) 対象 二三(11,23)

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