1年 文一二(6,18)文三(12)火 4 時間割コード 総合科目 L 英語中・上級 40177 S2 講義題目 授業の目標概要 開講 英語中級(クラス指定タームScience Stories: From Textbook Fundamentals to Critical Evaluation of Claims This course will provide a case study series of stories with scientific content whose educational messages are valuable with respect to both the relevant underlying science as well as to the critical evaluation of claims made. Basic concepts and terminology, diagrams and formulas as found in textbooks will be studied in conjunction to applying a scientist's critical thinking toolkit, using adequate English language. The course is expected to be useful to not only students intending to major in sciences, but to all who would like to develop an understanding about how to read and evaluate science stories from mass-media or other sources. The main objective is to present students with practical, stimulating opportunities to experience English as a vehicular language (lingua franca) that future graduates will use for integrating into a multidisciplinary society and contributing to its technological advancement. Students will be challenged on three fronts: (i) comprehension of the studied scientific topics, (ii) mastering the use of appropriate English language to describe them from various angles and (iii) developing critical thinking ability by evaluating the claims made from viewpoints of logical consistency to scientific facts, acceptability of evidence from viewpoints of authority and statistical significance, adequacy of experiments and models. 授業科目名 型) 担当教員 リチンスキ ダン 所属 曜限 英語 対象 理一(30,34)理二三(18,22)

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